About Charlotte

Welcome to my Web(page). Like Charlotte, the spider in E.B. White’s classic novel Charlotte’s Web, who protected her friend Wilbur, Charlotte’s Law, I too, offer my skills and craft to protect you in the legal world of your entrepreneurship: from contracts (reviewing or writing them) to terms and conditions to copyright issues.

I am an independent information law Lawyer, a professional photographer, entrepreneur, active blogger (in Dutch) and published author (Dutch & English). I specialise in copyright law, but am committed to supporting entrepreneurs in ensuring that they are not bogged down, or caught by the ‘fine print’ of the law and are able to do what they set out to do as an entrepreneur. And, unlike large law firms, I have no overhead and am transparent about my fees and costs.

Clients and Solutions

My clients are bloggers (journalists, authors); people in the creative sector (graphic designers, illustrators, photographers); and web shop owners.

My solutions are simple, straightforward, hold no surprises and are designed with you in mind. I provide legal advice; assistance in interpreting or drawing up contracts as well as terms & conditions; guidance & advice when it comes to copyright law (adhering to and protecting); review (legal scan) of documents you have drawn up yourself (including for instance your website) and checklists for compliance related matters for instance when it comes to consumer rights and your web shop. Furthermore, my own blogs are opportunities for me to share additional, relevant information, though are only in Dutch.

Products and Rates

My rates are fixed for some products, there are no ‘overhead’ expenses added – unless required, and previously shared, and for matters not falling under my standard packages, a quote will be provided before we start. At all times, and if there is no ‘product’ fitting your needs, you are welcome to contact me for a more tailored solution.

To give you an example of some of my ‘products’:

  • An ‘instant coffee’ (oploskoffie) meeting – where we discuss your issue and I provide ‘instant’ solutions, and a cup of good coffee, or tea as the case may be (including a cookie of course!).
  • A Legal Scan – of your website for instance, including a report of findings, suggestions for improvement and a ‘to do’ list to ensure legal compliance.
  • Contract reviews or preparation, or upon request a workshop on how to do so.
  • Drawing up your Terms & Conditions – (the ultimate form of protection) as related and relevant to your industry and your activities.
  • Workshops on a variety of subjects: from the legal considerations when setting up a web shop, to protecting your intellectual property are also available, upon request, in English; or if you are able to follow some Dutch can be signed up for via the website. Rest assured, settings are intimate enough that should you have trouble understanding the Dutch, I can clarify things in English.
  • The Dutch expression ‘een spin in het web’ loosely translates as ‘organizer’ in English – but, imagine a spider web, and the role of the spider in building a strong foundation and I trust you will appreciate that making sure the foundation is solid, is key. It is not by coincidence that my business name plays with this imagery. So, please do feel free to call upon Charlotte’s Law and Fine Prints to secure the foundation of your business. For, whether we like it or not, a solid legal base is best when going into business.

    Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.

    Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web

    Make sure what people read on your website, in your work is true, and legally covered.